NO rubber wristband for my fitness tracker -

My name is Anne and did't like to wear a rubber wristband for my little fitness tracker bug. Since my daughter is born I walk a lot and like to see my workout results. So it came up to wear a fitness tracker but PLEASE not in a rubber wristband.
The idea came to live with my little store Here we go now...

fitjewels provides functional wearable jewelry like Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, Key Chains and Necklaces. Some folks would rather not wear a rubber wristband for their fitness tracker!

I have made it to myGoal, that functional wearable can be still stylish. So lets go out and wear super-chic accessories for work and pleasure.

Realizing that function and fashion need not be mutually exclusive.

That's my mission!
Hope you like it?


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